From a little new born baby

I’m maybe too young, only two months and half, but I want to express my personal opinion of the world around me.

Of course I use my grandpa , Old Mole, who is Italian, to write down my words.

You should excuse him for the poor vocabulary and me too, I’m too young for the school.

My name is Meabh, funny isn’t it ?

But I adore the sound of the pronounce, it is Irish, as my daddy, who is a big man, tall, powerful and charming.

He sings long melodic songs, my papà too, when I’m lulled around the room I’m hypnotized looking their eyes.

My papà is tall, slender and very affective but as usual joke he open his mouth saying he wants to eat me, at last he puts his open hands around his ears pretending to be an elk and craving loudly.

I’m astonished but I don’t cry.

I have a grandma, a nonna, blond hair, sweet voice, kissing me softly and singing old lullabies about giving me around to a hag or a black man.

At last there is my nonno, with a funny name, Talpone, Big Mole, indeed his sight is very low.

He has a fancy of singing very odd songs in a dialect who nobody understand.

But he is really funny when he moves the eyes around like a toad, his mouth muttering and rotating his head around make me laugh.

Funny people around me, but except some problems of my belly in the afternoon the life is great.

Now I leave you because I’ll have a nap

Bye, bye !